UNCC Update Lite
The UNCC "UPDATE LITE" program is available to anyone that has processed a location request through UNCC in the past 30 calendar days. Information from the original request CANNOT be modified or edited in any way. "UPDATE LITE" may only be used to "UPDATE" existing locate requests as long as today is within 30 calendar days of the original request. "UPDATE LITE" may also be used to "CANCEL" locate requests if the "LOCATE BY" date has not yet passed. Please be aware that in order to use this program you must provide a valid e-mail address which will be utilized by UNCC to provide you with vital information regarding your request. You must also provide the ticket number and the phone number used when the ticket was originally processed. Please also note that the area to be located must be accessible (free of locked gates and animals) for 72 business hours from the date of the confirmation. If you are unable to meet ALL of these requirements, please exit this program and dial 8-1-1 to process your request. Requests processed between 07:00 AM and 05:00 PM on normal business days will be processed on the same day. Requests processed during NON-Business hours will be processed and released at 07:00 AM on the next business day. This locate request is not valid until you have received an e-mail confirmation at the e-mail address provided.

Please stay at least 18" outside of the exterior sides of any markings. Marks are only valid for thirty days from the date of the locate or until no longer visible, whichever comes first. Members are not responsible for marking private lines.
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